Milan, Italy
24 September – 28 September 2021

Event Information

We cordially invite you to participate in this year’s International Monorail Association’s annual MONORAILEX 2021.  This year’s event will be a Hybrid event. There will be an in-person Specification Workshop to advance the specification work we embarked on last year and hybrid in-person/online Presentations. The location for the in-person conference will be in Milan, Italy, and will be held from Friday, 24 September to Tuesday, 28 September 2021. The presentations will be held at a suitable time to accommodate people in the Americas Pacific Coast (UTC-7 hours) and people in the far east, (UTC +8 hours).

Preliminary planning includes visits to the Bologna Airport APM System and the structural laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. More conference details will be published shortly.

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Call for Papers

We are inviting submission of original papers never published before in academic journals or conferences and should be of academic and practical value.  The conference papers and presentations will be published in an electronic reader format available to the participants and Association Members.

Review Process: Abstracts (200 to 250-word abstract) will be accepted and sent to peer review by specialists. The abstract must be free of personal / corporation-specific marketing, and they should have academic and practical value. The review period of papers is 15 days.

Paper Submission Due: Friday, 2 July 2021

Paper Topics: A key focus of the Presentations will be the current state of the monorail transportation projects around the world.

Send paper submission to Carlos Banchik at

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Monorail Association is to organize the global monorail sector, promote the application of monorail, publish information, and initiate and support standardization processes of the monorail for public mass transport infrastructure.

Why Monorail?

  • Cities are becoming more congested.
  • Traditional Public Transport Systems are obstructed by surface traffic.
  • Dedicated bus lanes can only be realized in new cities with sufficient space.
  • Underground transport systems are extremely expensive to build.
  • Monorail is no longer associated with amusement parks.
  • Monorail is a high-tech, efficient, safe, and reliable public transport system.
  • Mobility experts and city planners consider Monorail a feasible alternative.

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